OMF 2097 Remake


One Must Fall 2097 was a 1994 DOS fighting game, probably one of the best PC games of its time, and some would say ever. It featured a singleplayer and a RPG style Tournament mode as well as network play which was added in a later patch.

However, nearly 12 years after its release, the game no longer runs well on modern hardware. Dosbox can run it to an extent, but the game is not as snappy and there are sound issues as well as the overhead of emulating a DOS enviroment. For those reasons I started in November 2005 on a remake of the game using as much original game data as possible.


The remake is coded in Ruby(a modern dynamic interpreted programming language), using the C++ engine Gosu as the engine. It uses OpenGL for video, and FMod for audio.

The original game data, for greater accessibility and for easier extensibility, has been ported to more modern formats, PNG for the graphics and XML for any non-graphical data. The music (in s3m format) is playable by FMod and the sounds remain to be extracted.

Development Plans

I plan to recreate all of the original OMF2097 experience as closely as possible but also allow easier expansion of the game by 3rd parties (Mods). I also plan to add modern netplay (TCP/IP) and possibly improve on the AI in a backwards compatible way. It will also run on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX (possibly the BSDs too) and have Gamepad support.


Download the latest snapshot from the Files area

Install Ruby, for windows users the 1.8.2 One Click Installer is the best bet, linux users will have to install it however their distro does it.

Install Fmod, linux users should be able to install it via thair package manager.

For windows users, the snapshot should include everything else you need.

For linux users, I've included a Gosu binary, but it was compiled on my machine and may not run on yours, if it fails, please download the source and compile it yourselves (you'll need a pretty recent boost).

Mac users are out of luck until a new Gosu release arrives

To run it in windows, do start->run and type "cmd". Then CD to the directory you unzipped the snapshot and type "ruby main.rb". In linux open a termal, cd to the directory and type "ruby main.rb" also. Easy :)


I'm lazy so don't expect much here

2 HARs in Arena0 with coloring

A screenshot of the final cutscene playing(the HAR is there because I hadn't restrutured the game enough at that stage).

The console - This is an addition to the game to make it easier to debug/work wirh

The gameplay menu

The player select menu

The HAR select menu

The HAR select menu, with HAR coloring

The VS screen


I do indeed need help with this, mainly because I am not skilled at deciphering binary formats. I have made as much progress as I have by borrowing from people who have deciphered the formats before me (Vulture, ChaosbBlackMagic, Bveina, etc). I have written my own toolset based on their observations, and even made some guesses of my own about the formats, but this remains the limiting factor.

I also need help from experienced players regarding game mechanics and game details, I am a big fan of the game, but I have not played it seriously in years, and playing in dosbox just isn't the same. The guys have been great for this, but more hands make less work and all that.

The development for this project mainly occurs on the forums but you can contact me at vagabond at cataclysm dash software dot net, ICQ: 62982837, AIM: VagabondHatesAIM, MSN: and IRC as Vagabond on

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